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An international move can be a complicated process. It is therefore advisable to use the services of an organisation with the right expertise. International moves are nothing like domestic moves. MMI has the experience and expertise necessary to make your international move a success.

Moving with a certified international moving company

Mondial Movers is an organisation of certified moving companies that mainly provide international moving services. In the Netherlands, our organisation has twenty-seven locations. These are all affiliated with the European Moving Group; a European organisation that consists of 400 moving companies.

In other words, this organisation guarantees the quality of all affiliated moving companies. This gives you the assurance that your movers know their business. They are aware of all applicable laws and regulations in the destination country.

Moving abroad in Europe

Are you planning to move to a different European country? Make sure to take enough time to prepare properly. This helps you avoid nasty surprises during the move. However, this is easier said than done. That is where Mondial Movers International expertise comes in.

Read more about Moving within Europe on the dedicated page.

Mondial Movers goes beyond Europe’s borders. Moving overseas

MMI not only provides moving services within Europe. We also handle international overseas moves for both private individuals and businesses. Our area of operations consists of the following continents:

Internationaal Verhuizen Overzee met Mondial Movers International

Types of international moves

In addition to private individuals, businesses may also face the challenges of an international move. This, however, calls for a different approach and additional services. Among other things, Mondial Movers offers:

  • Personnel move
  • Moving offices, businesses, organisations and healthcare institutions
  • Records storage and management
  • Project management and relocation management
  • Inventory storage
  • Furniture relocation
  • Furniture storage

Transport insurance

We even offer the possibility of an All-in Transport Insurance. That is a service that only Mondial Movers provides!

More information

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