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We zijn er blij mee en zien het als onze referenties.

Move to The Hague

Dear Me regards Liefde,   Thank you very much for checking. The delivery went well. Driver and colleagues were very helpful and polite. All goods arrived in good state. So thank you very much and all the best for the...
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Move from The Netherlands to Johannesburg

Wij willen je nog bedanken voor de goede zorg van onze meubels en motor. We hebben alles in goede conditie ontvangen. De contacten zijn op een prettige manier verlopen. Ook je agente in Johannesburg Elzabe Joubert heeft alles prima voor ons...
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Move from Haarlem to Ratingen, Germany

Hello Niecky, everything worked out really well and they even managed to get everything in on container. The team was great. Thank you very much.   Now we still have to unpack – at feels like a- millions of boxes....
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Move from Delft to Paris

Dear Niecky, I made it to Paris yesterday and everything was there. My mother was quite impress by the efficiency of the team! Everything went very smoothly. And the missing coat hanger is in Paris (my landlord does not care,...
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Move from Australia to Norway

Yes we received the items on Monday and whilst we have not yet unpacked the boxes. It all seems to be in order. We want to thank you, and also the gentlemen who delivered the items to our house. The...
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Move from The Netherlands to Sweden

dear barbara i wish to thank you and your team for the fantastic job all of you did. all went perfect, people were kind, patient, professional, cooperative and discrete. thank you so much again!! kindest regards claudio
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Move from Lesvos Island, Greece to The Netherlands

Dear Ms de Liefde,   Yes, everything went very smoothly – thank you so much. You’ve sent us amazing crews both here at Groningen and in Lesvos. They were really excellent – very professional and extremely helpful – and the...
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From The Netherlands to London

We chose Mondial Movers for our relocation from the Netherlands to London. We were very happy with them! They gave us a great price and were able to confirm everything for us within a couple of days. They really listened...
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Move Canada – The Netherlands

Ik wil nog even doorgeven dat de zending van mijn zoon keurig is afgeleverd in Leeuwarden. Vriendelijk dank voor de goede begeleiding!  
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