From USA to Wemeldinge, NL

Dear Barbara,


I hope that your week is going well.


The delivery went very smoothly yesterday. The two men that brought my goods worked hard and we got everything dispersed around the house and shed in good time.


I was very concerned about my electronic things and hoped that they survived the two months of shaking, banging and handling. So far, everything that I have unpacked, warmed-up and tried has been fine. Only a couple things yet to try, but I expect they will be fine also.

I have not checked every single item in every box, but it all seems to be here and intact.


I can imagine that my shipment was rather small compared to most of the things that you and your team(s) work with, but even this tiny assortment of my things is precious to me and appreciate that you could deliver it safely and soundly.


Thank you for your help and good work and thanks to all others involved too.


Best regards,

Aaron Longenecker